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I help individuals, leaders and corporate executives to create sustainable habit changes and make mindset shifts to achieve their desired outcome. I provide life coaching, career coaching and executive coaching using science-based techniques to ensure success in your desired intentional change. I combine coaching with neuroscience to bring value in long term benefits for you at every session.

I established my coaching business in 2018 as an ACC/ICF Coach and I am a member of the ICF. I provide 1:1 coaching either face to face, online or via telephone, online digital courses and workshops for individuals, groups and teams.  I have partnered with WBECS as a Thought Leader to promote their professional programs for coaches, leaders and professionals and I am part of the WBECS Coach Automator Pilot Program.  I have studied the Neuroscience of Change with Coaches Rising and I combine coaching with science-based techniques for clients to achieve and sustain their desired intentional change.

I have helped clients to build their confidence and believe in their ability to achieve, shift their mindset to achieve their potential, create healthier habits, develop their emotional intelligence and build their resilience to navigate uncertainty through my own coaching programs.



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Catherine Wood
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