Drama Freezes

Drama Freeze

The ability to FREEZE is an essential ingredient in drama and fun for the family too.

Let your imagination and creativity run wild with this game for all the family.

The aim of the game is to practice being as still as you can whilst being as dramatic and exaggerated in your pose as you can.

Try to create as many characters and situations as you imagination can think of.

You can be as crazy and creative as you want to and get the whole family joining in to play together.

You can nominate someone as the Head Cameraman and get them to photograph the poses so you can see just how amazing you all are at holding a pose.

Have fun looking back at all the creative poses you made. Remember this is a whole-body exercise and you have to bring your best facial expressions to the fore as well.

Here are some ideas to start you off: •You have just seen superman flying in the sky •You have just been splashed with mud •You have just found the last toilet roll in Australia •You have the worst stomach ache imaginable •You are a supermodel •You are the Prime Minister at a Press Conference •You are Mr Tellefson on the school gate •You are being chased by a lion •You are being chased by a kitten •You are doing your best dance move •You have just eaten the last mouthful of your favourite chocolate bar •You have just scored the winning goal Extend this game with FREEZE AND GO. Using the prompts above you hold the FREEZE pose and then when the person in charge of the game says ACTION you start to move in character and introduce actions and dialogue to the scene. You could be; •A superhero. •A giant •A baby •Mr Featherston •A scientist •A chef •A football player •A musician You can create your own characters. Maybe think about the books you are reading at the moment or someone you are watching on TV.

Have fun!