Invent a Sport


Design a sport that people can play together even when they are physically far apart.

The goal is to create a high interest game that requires physical movement.

What is the goal of your sport?

How will you win?

Will you have points or will it end when you reach a specific objective?

Will it be timed?

Will you have specific rounds?

Will you take turns?

How many players will you need?

Will it be a team sport or an individual sport?

Will your sport have positions? If so, what will each person do?

What materials will you use? What items can you use from home? How will you blend together the physical environment with technology?

What will the dimensions of the field or court be?

Will you play it indoors or outdoors?

Will it be loud or quiet?

What will the rules be?

What will you allow? What will be forbidden?

And what are the consequences for a penalty?

Now invent that sport!