Kitchen Music


Find objects and utensils around the house to make your own music. 

In this clip, the ingredients used were as follows as a bit of inspiration:

A glass bottle to blow air across the top
Microwave (button sounds, door bang, start/stop) 
Kitchen Timer
Cabinet drawers and doors
Sink tap
Sink hose spurting water
Refrigerator water dispenser 
Dishwasher switches 
Water falling into a pre-heated pot 
The crunch of the wrapper
Almonds falling into a box
Peanuts in a box
Rice in a box
A bunch of empty containers, pots and pans
Running fingers around the rims of glass
Rice cooker
The ‘insinkerator’ going on and off.

So what’s your recipe then? Mix it till it sounds good. And if it sounds good, it is good. I had a lot of fun making this. I hope you had fun watching and listening!