Sourdough Delight

Sourdough Delights – get baking!

Join our Head of Design and Technology, Lauren Knight, to make a perfect loaf of sourdough.

Learn how to make the perfect ‘starter’ and how to feed it to use again.

Follow along and get baking!

Note:  The starter needs to be made 7-10 days before baking and needs to be fed every day.  

Why do I need the starter?

You need the yeast from the starter for the bread to ferment and to rise while baking. Sourdough is called sourdough because of the sour taste that is derived from the yeast that is naturally cultivated and is an ancient form of baking.

Some people go and ask bakeries for a bit of their starter to get going, but getting the starter going on your own is part of the fulfilling process. You can bake regular bread using instant yeast, but that is a totally different thing and is not classified as sourdough.

Creating the starter takes patience and time, but is so addictive!