10 Day Lego Challenge

The world of Lego has endless possibilities and is always lots of fun. All you need is your imagination and of course some Lego.

Take the Challenge! See how many of the Lego creations you can build within 10 days. Challenge your brother or sister, play by yourself or compete online with a friend. The only rule is to use your imagination (and have fun).

See if you can work your way through these daily challenges and let your imagination run wild.

Day 1

You are the manager of a Formula 1 racing team and you need to build the worlds best race car.

Day 2

You need to transport your Formula 1 car (from the day 1 challenge) to the race track but you can’t drive it there. Build a truck big enough to carry your F1 car.

Day 3

You are a dinosaur hunter and have just entered Jurassic Park. What is the first Dinosaur you see?

Day 4

You have been invited to visit Mars but have to build your own spaceship to get there.

Day 5

You would like to take a holiday overseas but need transport to get there. Would you take a boat or plane? Build your choice.

Day 6

You own a farm. How many different farm animals can you build?

Day 7

You have been asked to help design the next new building for BGS. What would it be and what would it look like?

Day 8

Policeman, Fireman, Paramedic. If you were an emergency worker which one would you be? Build the vehicle you would use if you were a Policeman, Fireman or Paramedic.

Day 9

Recreate a character from your favourite movie. Some movie examples: Star Wars, Monsters Inc., Trolls, Frozen.

Day 10

You are in a rock band – what instrument do you play? Can you make it from Lego?

Day 11

You have the worlds tallest Christmas tree but to put the star on the top you need to reach it with a crane. Build a crane tall enough to reach the top of the tree.