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The world around us is changing faster than any other period of human history. Our challenge is to ensure that Scotch Oakburn College remains relevant, vibrant and healthy – the very best version of ourselves, helping our students grow into the very best versions of themselves – morally, socially, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and physically.  
This strategic vision (Vision 2035) boldly represents our aspirational response to that challenge. 


Vision 2035 has been developed to lay the groundwork for a vibrant, agile, innovative future and we have invested significant time, attention, care and consideration in its creation. The process has been in-depth and consultative, we engaged with you, our College community, industry leaders, leveraged the insights of futurists and referenced global best practice as we prepare ourselves for the next generation of learning and the evolution of our College environment.  
The process has been focused on growing existing and nurturing new relationships, uncovering innovative ways of thinking and the developing of future-focused, student-focused, teaching and learning practices that feed our thirst for continual improvement. ‘Change’ is the new norm and ensuring that the College is agile and bold enough to quickly respond to change is key to the success of Vision 2035. 

Our ‘Strands’  

Four ‘Strands’ have evolved that constitute Vision 2035: Learning, Wellbeing, Community and Capacity. The word ‘Strand’ is used in reference to DNA, recognising the inter-related and reliant nature of each Strand on the other three. These define the fundamental elements that combine to constitute the progressive and future-focused Scotch Oakburn College educational model.  

Just like the circles in the Venn Diagram, when viewing these Strands, you will notice links, a connectedness, common language and themes emerge. We believe that for each strand to work efficiently and effectively, allowing us to deliver a dynamic and progressive culture of growth and opportunity, all four must operate in synergy – their total being greater than the sum of the individual parts. 

Explore our Strands


Learning is at the core of who we are and what we do! Learning must evolve and we must prepare our students for an exciting future.

Learning goals:

  • Develop the Scotch Oakburn learner profile.
  • Create flexible and adaptive structures for learning.
  • Design a future-focused agile curriculum.

We need to equip students with the skills and attributes they require to become active, responsible, and engaged citizens. Scotch Oakburn College accepts this challenge and places student Wellbeing at the forefront of all that we do.  

Wellbeing goals:

  • Ensure students are fully equipped to meet the challenges of life. They  will  be self-aware, resilient, positively connected to the community and have the social and emotional skills to positively manage their own Wellbeing. 
  • Enable staff to improve their own Wellbeing, feeling valued and supported within the College.
  • Strengthen partnerships between our College and Community.

The health of our Community is measured by the degree to which the College works cooperatively and respectfully with its People, fosters Partnerships with external organisations and cultivates a sense of Philanthropy.  

Community goals:

  • Scotch Oakburn College is a Community Hub, 24/7.
  • The Community is informed, engaged and connected.
  • There is a robust culture of Philanthropy amongst our community.

The Capacity of the College is core to our ability to efficiently and flexibly resource our learning objectives. We exist to enable the longevity and sustainability of all strands of the Scotch Oakburn education.

Capacity goals:

  • Keep Prep to Year 12 average fee increases below 2% annually to ensure affordability and enable enrolment Capacity.
  • Complete Stage 2 of the Helix development by 2024 to enable our learning needs and facilities Capacity.
  • Deliver a middle management coaching program for identified middle management roles at the College by 2022 to continue to enable our leadership Capacity.


Help us ‘Create the Future’ – have your say. Simply watch one (or more) of the videos above and complete the questions below. Remember, complete once per Strand. 


Feedback closes midnight, Sunday 6 September.

Our community feedback has closed. Thank you for taking an interest in our 15-year strategic plan.