What is Mindfulness?


What is Mindfulness?

Are you feeling anxious or stressed about our current situation? Hearing too much information which is not allowing your mind to ever rest?

To be honest, it is impossible to completely eliminate some of the things that cause us to be stressed. And we need a certain level to drive and challenge us each day.

If this stress becomes overwhelming though we need to know how to manage it and to do so it is worth learning how to practice some mindfulness.

There’s quite a few ways to accomplish this, try some yoga, learn a mantra or practice some meditation. Whatever you choose it needs to be something you enjoy so you stick with it.

Meditation is where you try to focus on one thing in particular and block out everything else for a while. It’s easier said than done but once you get it right the benefits are amazing.

This short video explains a little about what mindfulness is.